Meet the Team

Joanna Carp


Joanna has been working as a physiotherapist for more than 17 years and is committed to continuing to learn and develop her skills to get the best possible results. She loves helping people to move better and feel better, through hands-on treatment, advice and education on how to manage injuries or musculoskeletal issues and by providing exercises and other techniques for long-term recovery.

After completing her training in Edinburgh in 2001, Joanna commenced her physiotherapy career working for the NHS in Oxford. She gained a broad foundation by working in neurological rehabilitation, mental health and oncology before then moving to Australia for 10 years.

Whilst in Australia, Joanna worked in a private hospital overlooking Sydney Harbour for 6 years, culminating in the post of Physiotherapist-in-Charge; managing the Physiotherapy and Allied Health department. Joanna then moved out of Sydney and spent the remaining 4 years working as a musculoskeletal and rehabilitation physiotherapist in private practice. This is where Jo really found the type of work she loved, helping people with a variety of musculoskeletal issues to get better. At this stage, Jo worked closely with orthopaedic surgeons, treating lots of patients following spinal (neck and lower back), hip, knee and shoulder surgery.

Joanna is qualified in Clinical Pilates and has extensive experience in the management of sport injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, lower back pain and persistent pain issues. 


Dawn Morse


As a qualified Sports Science and Therapy lecturer with a Masters Degree, and over 10 years experience of working within the sports and health industry, Dawn aims to bring knowledge, experience and passion to each training course, workshop or class, provided by Core Elements.

Core Elements aims to provide a rounded approach to Sports Massage Training, Therapy and Yoga practise. Through the focus of core development and full body alignment our quality of life can be improved as strength, flexibility and daily movement is developed.

These improvements often lead to reduced daily stress levels, reduced muscular pain, improved sleep and nutritional habits and increased feelings of wellness and vitality.

Through a range of Sports Massage and Sports Therapy Training Courses, CPD Courses, Workshops, Yoga Classes and Day Retreats Core Elements aims to make the practise of Yoga and Massage Therapy accessible to all.

Core Elements provides Sports Massage and Sports Therapy Training courses, Yoga CPD courses within Swindon, Wiltshire and London.

Regular workshops and day retreats and a range of Hot Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga classes are also provided within Swindon and Malmesbury areas.


Tribe PT


Dean Connolly has been in the sport and fitness industry for over 5 years, starting as a youth football coach for an under 12's development team and gaining an interest in personal training with the aim being to make a difference in other people's lives. Fitness has always been a huge part of Dean’s life and he has participated in many different sports; he continues to push himself above and beyond his limits, not only physically but also mentally. He regularly attempts challenges out of his comfort zone, pushing the limits to see what is possible.

Tribes philosophy stems for a belief that personal training should always be fun and enjoyable - with this in mind, all goals are more achievable when working together. Tribe started with an idea to bring people together in order for them to have the ability to achieve exactly what they want; it doesn’t matter how small or how insane it may be and inspire others along the way. 

It is an opportunity for others to not only get fit and healthy, but also allows the team to help and inspire those around them. Tribe continues to raise money for charity throughout the year, involving friends and family in celebrating community.

Tribe PT is all about creating change that you want to see and feel.

We help busy parents who are balancing a busy life with a career and family, feel:

  • Feel full of energy
  • Move better than ever
  • Change habits
  • Get strong and able to take on their day

There is more to this than seeing you once a week for training. We work with you to find a method and plan that is unique to your lifestyle, wants and needs. Ensure your habits, mindset and nutrition all lead you down the right path.

It is all about you and your goal and most importantly YOUR RESULT.

The change starts with you.




Ladies Exercise Club

  • 30-minute circuit-based workout
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Friendly social environment
  • Low impact gentle on the joints
  • No joining fee - Free trial week

Opening hours: 
Mon-Fri:  8am - 3pm and 4pm - 7pm
Sat: 9am - 11am

The Stone Mill, Court Street, Trowbridge BA14 8BU