How do I book an appointment?

Trowbridge Clinic

Telephone: 07787 558533 or 07783 010414
Book online: www.physiojo.co.uk/
Email: hello(at)enhancedmovement.co.uk

Chippenham Clinic

Telephone: 07787 558533 
Email: hello(at)enhancedmovement.co.uk

What happens at my first appointment?

An hour is preferred for your first appointment, due to the initial consultation, where we will discuss your injury concerns, take a brief medical history. During the assessment it is advised to wear shorts and T-shirt/vest but we are adaptable so do not worry if you forget. We then tailor the treatment to your needs. Rehabilitation or maintenance advice will be offered at the end of the session, along with recommendations for future appointments if deemed necessary. There are no extra charges within the treatments, the tape, ultra sound or any equipment used is included. 

What should I wear or bring?

Wear what you are comfortable in and bring a pair of shorts and a T-shirt/vest to change in to. There will be space to change. If we are discussing a running or walking injury it may be helpful to bring your trainers or shoes with you, although not essential.

What is the cancelation policy?

If you feel you do not require your appointment, please either call 07787 558533 or email hello(at)enhancemovement.co.uk at least 24 hours in advance, cancellations made within this time will incur a 50% charge. 

What if I am pregnant?

We are unable treat in the first trimester, however treatments are available any time from then on, however, please advise the therapist when you are making the booking so we can ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

How do I pay?

We accept card payments at all of our clinics.
Alternatively, bank transfer or cash can also be accepted 

What if I am not happy with my treatment?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, therefore if anything was less than what you would expect we will be happy to offer a complimentary treatment, and if we were unable to meet your expectations then a full refund will be offered.